Understanding Hard Drive Firmware Failure

Hard Drive Firmware Failure Did you know that inside your computer’s hard drive is a tiny operating system (similar to Windows or Mac OS) that tells the drive to act? Most computer users don’t, because it runs in the background and there’s no reason to ever worry about this little piece of software… that is,…


Why Hard Drives Suffer From Firmware Failure… And What You Can Do About It

Every component in your computer is subject to two different kinds of software: the programs you have installed and keep writing, and those that come pre-loaded onto the device itself, commonly referred to as firmware. And while firmware is necessary to keep each piece of hardware working on your computer, it can also fail, be…


Are You Dealing With a Hard Drive Head Failure Failure?

One thing that sometimes surprises new TTR clients is that there aren’t just a couple of ways for hard drives to fail. In fact, there are literally dozens. One of the worst is referred to as a “head failure,” also known as a “head crash.” As with any kind of hard drive problem, there are…


What You Need to Know About Encrypted Data Recovery

In this day and age, keeping information safe and secure is a bigger concern than ever before. That’s especially true when company secrets, sensitive information, or financial data are on the line. For that reason, more and more organizations are choosing to encrypt data on company workstations and hard drives. But what happens when those…