RAID 5 Data Recovery

3 Things to Remember About RAID 5 Data Recovery

3 Things to Remember About RAID 5 Data Recovery RAID 5 data recovery can call for extensive technical expertise. Because these hard drive configurations are designed for speed and reliability, they tend to be used for a variety of applications. In theory, the disc striping and redundancy of parity between the drives should render the…


5 Things to Remember About Data Recovery For Different Raid Hard Drive Configurations

Every damaged hard drive is different, but working with Raid data recovery can be a particularly daunting challenge. Not only does each Raid configuration present a separate technical situation, but some will be more or less redundant, and more or less apt to the spread of corrupted files, than others. In general though, there are…


3 Things to Remember About RAID 0 Data Recovery

IT professionals and business people alike tend to like Raid 0 hard disk configurations, since they offer speed and performance gains at a relatively low price. Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of this type of setup is that there is a lack of redundancy between the hard drives, meaning that data loss in either drive…


Managing and Preventing Hard Drive / Raid Server Failure

The failure of a hard disk can constitute a catastrophe of immeasurable proportions.  The data lost can be priceless.  Recovery of some or all of the data is possible via professional intervention, in many cases.  Furthermore, prevention of further failures and subsequent data loss is essential thereafter. How Hard Drives Break A number of conditions…