While you might think that all computers are essentially the same, there are important differences between Apple and PC products, including the kinds of hardware and file structures that each uses. That means when you need a data recovery specialist to pull information from a damaged hard drive, you want an Apple-certified Mac technician on your side.

At TTR Data Recovery, we have experience with virtually every hard drive make and model, and work with all operating systems – including products by Apple and Mac. When you send your drive to us for recovery, you can rest assured that you have the industry’s best and most knowledgeable team working for you.

Why Turn to Us for Mac and Apple Data Recovery?

In addition to having the highest reputation in our industry, and one of the only ISO certified data recovery cleanrooms in the United States, TTR is uniquely qualified to work with Apple products, featuring:

  • Ongoing product-specific training directly from Apple to ensure that we are following the best practices and thoroughly understand their technology
  • Regular certification updates that involve experience and testing with Mac computers
  • Years of experience on a variety of models, including different hardware types and hard drive restoration projects

And of course, all Mac and Apple data recovery services are backed by our satisfaction guarantee and no-data, no-fee policies.

Let us Get Started with Your Mac or Apple Data Recovery Project

When your computer hard drive has become damaged you need to access to the files you lost quickly and a team of specialists you can count on to do great work at a fair price. That’s where TTR comes in. We’ve become leaders in the field of data recovery, with several locations throughout the US, by bringing together the best mix of technology, expertise, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.
Contact us now to see how we can help you get your data back from a broken or damaged hard drive.