Why Hard Drives Suffer From Firmware Failure… And What You Can Do About It

Every component in your computer is subject to two different kinds of software: the programs you have installed and keep writing, and those that come pre-loaded onto the device itself, commonly referred to as firmware.

And while firmware is necessary to keep each piece of hardware working on your computer, it can also fail, be installed incorrectly, or become corrupted following electrical storms and physically damage your hard drive. In most cases, manufacturers extensively test hard drive firmware before they sell devices, but in some cases problems may occur after the fact, or the damage may be so severe that you suddenly and completely lose access to important files and folders.

Fortunately, firmware failure doesn’t have to kill your hard drive. Just follow the steps below:

As with any situation involving a damaged hard drive, stop using the computer in question immediately. If the problem ends up being physical, rather than software-related, using the drive could worsen the damage. In addition, a corrupted drive with firmware problems might lead to accidental formatting and/or overwriting, which could erase important information forever.

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