SQL server recovery and database repair is rarely straightforward – due to the possible corruption of tables, indexes, keys, and compressed data – making it important to choose the right vendor if you’re going to regain access to your files and information.

Make no mistake: SQL recovery isn’t a job for your local IT firm, and certainly shouldn’t be trusted to automated software packages. If you want things done right, there’s no substitute for a team of trained data recovery experts working in a specialized lab. That way, you don’t just give yourself the best possible chance of getting your files back, but also ensure that your sensitive data doesn’t end up somewhere it shouldn’t.

Features of Our SQL Recovery Service

There are lots of reasons you could suddenly lose access to an SQL database. Physical damage to a disk, mismanagement of resources, operating system failure, or even attacks from outside hackers can all be responsible.

Luckily, the help you need to get your records back, and your business up and running again, is only a phone call away. TTR can step in with fast, efficient SQL recovery, including:

  • Full and partial SQL restoration as dictated by the type and cause of data loss
  • Transfer of affected files to a new drive or medium
  • Repair for damaged and corrupted operating systems or file structures
  • Virus removal for infected server drives
  • Our five-star security and confidentiality to keep your data safe

Other data recovery services and IT providers don’t provide the same level of care because they can’t. In our specialized facility, staffed with the very best data recovery technicians you’ll find anywhere on the planet, we solve problems that other businesses can’t… even when drives have been severely damaged or corrupted.

When it counts, Fortune 500 companies and government agencies turn to TTR for help. Shouldn’t you, too?

Contact TTR for SQL Recovery Now

There are a lot of companies you can call for help with SQL recovery, but only one choice if you want things done right by the industry’s best. If you need data recovery, and not delays or excuses, call TTR today and let our team of data recovery technicians walk you through your options.