Why Tape Backup Drives Fail… and What You Can do About It

Although office tape drives can have many uses, the majority of businesses utilize them for data backup and storage. And so, when a tape drive fails in your office, it can be a potentially serious problem – especially if you were counting on the tape drive to restore important client files, billing information, or other sensitive data.

In general, tape drives tend to fail for one of three reasons:

1. Corruption. When we talk about corruption of tape drives, it usually pertains to the accidental formatting of one part of the drive or another, usually as a result of being handled or stored incorrectly.

2. Serious physical damage. On the other hand, dropping a tape, or having it in an office that has been affected by floods or fires, can make it impossible to access your data.

3. Software upgrades or incompatibility. Sometimes, an otherwise-intact tape can no longer be accessed because software, drivers, or other configuration factors have been changed.

Regardless of what causes the problem with your tape or tape drive, your first step towards recovering the data should be a call to TTR. Not only do we have one of the few teams in the country that’s qualified to work on detailed tape data recovery projects, we also handle every project in an ISO-certified clean room. That means we are careful with your data and equipment, and you have the highest chances of getting the information you need back quickly.

There is never a good time to have a tape drive fail, but when it does, you’ll be glad to have the TTR team on your side