We are glad to have local data recovery company like TTR in Washington DC, we were impressed when we were told that our 9-month research data was recoverable and with a reasonable price. Thank you guys, and all the best.
A Yahoo Local user
I found your service to be very efficient; both in the time it took you to deliver me a new HD with my data and the fact that you retrieved all the data from the failed drive. I previously did not back up my data and it would have been a disaster for me had your company not been able to perform this task. I can’t thank you enough.
I am pleased to write that I had a very positive experience with TTR Data Recovery Centre. All of my critical data were fully recovered; furthermore, conveniently stored in a CD as well, which acts as a backup source for me. Also, the turnaround time was very reasonable and acceptable. Keep up the great work!
TTR has shown great professionalism in providing the painstaking effort to resolve my hard disk issues & had diligently provided continuous updates to me. Above all, TTR had successfully recovered my lost scientific data & photos. I highly recommend TTR to all who are facing problems in data recovery.
I recently lost all my data on my laptop and TTR Data Recovery saved me! Their 24 hour customer service was very professional and they made everything so easy for me. They have shipping and I had the option to drop off my drive at three convenient locations. The next day they gave me a free diagnostic and I had all my data back within 3 days!! And they are very affordable too!! I would recommend TTR to anyone I know.
TTR Data Recovery is the best. I came in with my old Mac Book that would not work. They got the hard drive out and diagnosed it with no charge. They recovered all my Pictures and music . I cannot say enough about how amazing this company is. If you are having any problems with your hard drive please give them a call.
TTR Data Recovery Services recovered all of my lost data on a broken external hard drive, did it very quickly in only two days time, had great customer service, not a bad price, and was generally a pleasure to work with. Many thanks to them, and they have my recommendations to others.
The customer service was excellent. I was so impressed with how easy the process was and the unbelievably quick turnaround. Thanks again for the professional service. We here at the board of trade would have been lost without your efforts.
TTR Data Recovery is the best data recovery company here in Philadelphia Thanks for saving me from the problem. I was about to finish my project when my laptop suddenly crashed, it got infected with a virus. I thought all the work I made was gone. But lucky me TTR Data Recovery was there to recover all the data of my laptop. Thank you, thank you!!
I thought for sure that when my external hard drive failed that I had lost all of my data from the past 3 years forever. I immediately became panicked. When I went back to Bestbuy, where I bought my external hard drive, they told me there was nothing that could be done. I started looking online right away for data recovery services in my area and TTR was the company that seemed the most professional with the most reasonable quote. I called them right away and my customer service representative made me feel at ease through the whole process. In the end almost all of my data was recovered. Honestly, I couldn’t put a price on how important my data was to me, but TTR charged me only a fraction of what I was willing to pay. If this ever happens to me again (hopefully not), I know exactly who I’m going to call: TTR. Thank you guys so much!
Sally Harris
Many thanks to TTR for salvaging the data for my business. We have a raid configuration of about 10 hard drives that completely failed on us. I had never experienced this before, and quite frankly wasn’t even aware that something like this could happen. I was referred to TTR by a business that my company is partnered with. I was informed that TTR was extremely professional and took cases like mine very seriously in which I needed my data recovered ASAP for the wellness of my business. TTR made me feel like my case was very personal to them, which was important for me. I received updates on the process continuously and felt like I almost became friends with my representative because we talked on the phone so much. I give them 5 out of 5 stars for professionalism, caring attitude, swift service, and knowledgeable staff.
Guillermo Alvarez
Let me just state that I called 5 different data recovery companies when the hard drive on which I stored my whole life completely failed on me. I had no idea what happened to it. Out of the 5 companies I called, TTR was the most knowledgeable as well as supportive and understanding. It was obvious that they knew what they were doing and explained everything to me in lament terms which I could understand, being that I am not the least bit tech savvy at all. Out of the 5 companies, TTR was the no brainer. The free diagnostic and personal care and attention that I received made every penny worth it, which honestly wasn’t very many compared to other companies I had talked to. Most of my data was successfully recovered and I was 100% pleased with their service.
Jeremy Polanski
I could not have asked for better customer service that I was provided with by TTR. I cannot believe how fast I got my data back to me. I was extremely stressed out when my laptop crashed which had stored all of my critical data for work and I had not had the time to back it up before it failed on me. Unfortunately, my computer could not be salvaged, which was what I had hoped for, but getting that data back was the most important thing to me and TTR did it. They were the first company I talked to after finding their company online. I went with them right away because I was in a huge rush and fortunately I do not regret my decision at all. I would definitely recommend TTR to anybody who really needs data recovery services. Oh yah, and did I mention the amazing customer service? Wow!
Stephanie Hovet