Packaging electronic Media for shipment to TTR Data Recovery
At TTR Data Recovery we know how stressful losing your data can be. That’s why when shipping your damaged devices for data recovery services, it is very important to follow these basic steps to insure that your media does not incur any further damage, so that TTR has a greater chance of recovering your lost data.

Before packaging your device please submit your case online to receive your Data Recovery Request form, print this and include it with your media when shipping it. This step is important to ensure that once your device has reached us we can start the recovery process right away.

Shipping Address:

      9512 Lee Highway. Unit A Fairfax, VA 22031.

Materials needed:

      • Large box (we suggest at least 4x bigger than the device/s you are shipping
      • Anti-static bag (if applicable)
      • Bubble wrap or foam padding
      • Tape
      • Shipping label
      • Data Recovery Request Form (you will receive this once you submit your case online)
When packaging your media for shipment


      • Place media in an anti-static bag if you have one available.
      • Wrap the bagged media at least 4 times around the device with bubble wrap or foam
      • Line the box with foam packaging material or bubble wrap
      • Ensure that your media is securely placed in the middle of the package with no extra room to move around
      • Seal the box using the parcel tape
      • Ensure that a return address is visible on the outside of the box
      • Tape the shipping label to the top of the box


      • DO NOT Use only shredded or scrunched paper products to package the drive
      • DO NOT Use only a padded envelope – particularly for heavy items like hard disk drives
      • DO NOT Leave Hard Disk Drives loose in a box without any padding

If you wish to inquire more information about the best ways to package and ship your media please contact TTR at our toll free number: (888) 328-2887.