TTR helps companies as well as individuals maintain continuity in the face of data loss,
by providing unbeatable data recovery services and prices.


All of our processes are guided by our ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System, ensuring complete customer satisfaction at every level.

Security & Privacy

The security & privacy of your data is our number one priority and will be protected under SOC Type II regulations and provisions.

Trained Professionals

TTR Data Recovery is the only company that is IACRB certified, making our technicians the highest trained specialists in the industry.

Security & Privacy

Our ISO 5 certified Class 100 Clean Room allows us to perform recoveries with the most up-to-date technical equipment & technology.


  • Verify Recovered Data Before Paying
  • Free Consultations & Evaluation
  • Free inbound shipping
  • No Data No Charge Guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Immediate Emergency Assistance


  • Approved by all leading manufacturers
  • SOC Type ll Secure Data Recovery
  • IACRB Data Recovery Technicians
  • BBB Accredited Business A+
  • 5 Star Dun & Bradstreet Verified Data Recovery
  • GSA Data Recovery Contract Holder

Data Recovery Process

Submit Your Data Recovery Case Online

You will receive instructions and information regarding your
case to your email

Data Recovery Process

Send Media Process

Drop off at an office location nearest you, or request a prepaid
shipping label

Data Recovery Process

Free Diagnostic Process

Receive your free Diagnostic Report in 1-2 business days, or select
Expedited Diagnostic Report to get it in less than 24 hours

Data Recovery Process

Data Recovery Process

Top of the line data recovery tools and Proprietary techniques will
be utilized in and outside of our ISO 5 certified class 100 cleanroom

Data Recovery Process

Verify Data Process

Once the recovery is complete you will be sent a list of recovered
files to view and verify before finalizing the recovery

Data Recovery Process

Return Data Process

Upon receiving approval of the final recovery results, payment
will be processed and the recovered files will be returned

Welcome to TTR Data Recovery! We are America's leading data recovery company. With the best team of data recovery engineers in the industry, TTR specializes in helping businesses and individuals recover data from all kinds of electronic media. Whether you need to recover data from a failed hard drive, laptop, tape, flash drive, memory card or RAID, TTR can help! Don't wait to recover your lost data. Contact us for a free consultation today: 1.888.328.2887.

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Does Your Data Recovery Service Need to be Local?

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