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Data is life. The rapid adoption of mobile devices and cloud computing services has altered the fundamental relationship between individuals, businesses and technology. From photos to videos, text files to intellectual property (IP) documents, electronic data is now an integral part of the human experience and a critical foundation of corporate success.

But what happens when data goes missing? When hard drives die, servers stop working or flash media fails? At TTR Data Recovery, we’ve developed a wide range of specialized data recovery services to help you reclaim what matters most.

At TTR, we’re committed to recovering all types of data. Need help recovering key business data lost when essential hard drives crash? We can help. Looking to reclaim secure government data resulting from accidental format or deletion? We’ve got you covered. Hoping to get back the pictures, videos and digital files essential to your personal life? We’re ready to assist.

No matter your need, no matter your storage method and no matter your data type, TTR has data recovery services to get you back on track.

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If it stores data, we can recover it.

Specialized Data Services

Hard Drive Recovery42 percent of hard drives experience logic errors. 40 percent render data inaccessible after mechanical failure; firmware and human error are less common but still potentially devastating possibilities. Our ISO 9001 certified quality management system ensures your data is securely recovered — and in case of emergency, we offer same-day diagnostic and recovery.

  • RAID Data Recovery RAID systems are designed to prevent failures, but they’re not perfect. If your RAID goes rogue thanks to controller failures or partitioning errors, TTR can help. From Raid 0, Raid 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, Raid repair, SAN data recovery and NAS data recovery, we’ve got you covered.
  • Server Recovery If your server goes down, don’t panic. Instead, fully unplug the hardware and call TTR. We’ll work with you to find the best solution. If we can’t, you’re covered by our “no data, no charge” guarantee. Even better, you’re never charged for server data recovery attempts.
  • SSD Recovery When SSDs fail, what’s the next step? Use our free shipping to get your devices in the hands of our IACRB data recovery technicians, and let them get to work.
  • Flash Recovery Flash drives are often used to store files and photos with great sentimental value. If your flash drive, memory card or SD card stops working, our personal data recovery services can help you reclaim irreplaceable moments.

Every storage method comes with some chance of data loss. At TTR, we specialize in providing peace of mind — if your data goes down, we’re ready to bring it back up.


All of our processes are guided by our ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System, ensuring complete customer satisfaction at every level.

Security & Privacy

The security & privacy of your data is our number one priority and will be protected under SOC Type II regulations and provisions.

Trained Professionals

TTR Data Recovery is the only company that is IACRB certified, making our technicians the highest trained specialists in the industry.

Security & Privacy

Our ISO 5 certified Class 100 Clean Room allows us to perform recoveries with the most up-to-date technical equipment & technology.


  • Verify Recovered Data Before Paying
  • Free Consultation & Evaluation
  • Free Inbound Shipping
  • No Data = No Charge
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Immediate Emergency Assistance


  • Approved by all leading manufacturers
  • SOC Type ll Secure Lab
  • IACRB Data Recovery Technicians
  • BBB Accredited Business A+
  • 5 Star Dun & Bradstreet Verified
  • GSA Approved Contract Holder

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Once the recovery is complete you will be sent a list of recovered
files to view and verify before finalizing the recovery

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Upon receiving approval of the final recovery results, payment
will be processed and the recovered files will be returned

TTR Data Recovery Inc. is a professional data recovery company with locations across the U.S from the east coast to the west coast that provides proprietary data recovery services to individuals, corporations, government and non-government entities, and small businesses. TTR Data Recovery recovers data from all types of electronic storage devices, including hard drives, RAIDs, tapes, flash drives, memory cards, phones, tablets, cameras, laptops, desktops, and many more. Contact us for a free consultation today: 1.888.328.2887.


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