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ISO 5 Class 100 Clean Room Data Recovery

At TTR Data recovery, our adherence to ISO 5 Certified Clean room Data Recovery standards gives us the ability to operate more precisely and minimize risks that could further compromise media hardware or the information it contains. By keeping our recovery and repair facilities laboratory-sterile, we're able to perform operations that preserve the integrity of your data.

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Why Does Cleanliness Matter?

Closed media seems fairly rugged. It doesn't take much, however, to permanently corrupt a hard drive or other delicate storage devices once it's been opened for repair.

When you're storing hundreds of gigabytes within an inch's worth of space using components on the atomic scale, size definitely matters. A tiny speck of dirt that the human eye can't even see may irreversibly damage microscopic electrical contacts, magnetic storage sectors or other common components. Excessive moisture or electrostatic shock can irrecoverably damage formerly-sealed circuitry. Clean-room Data recovery services that fail to maintain cleanroom standards may return your media in a worse state than it was in to begin with. Even worse, the problem may not appear until you least expect it. With TTR Data Recovery, you never have to take unnecessary risks. Instead, entrust your devices to one of the only U.S. companies that's actually qualified to perform delicate work inside them. Contact us today.