Certified Mac Technician for Data Recovery

Is it Important to Have a Certified Mac Technician for Data Recovery Projects?

Are all hard drives the same, or do you need a different data recovery specialist depending on what kind of hardware and software you use? This is a common question that new clients have, and one that might be on your mind if you’re looking to have someone pull important files and information from your Mac computer. As usual, there aren’t many definite answers we can point to, since every situation (and every data recovery service) is a little bit different. Still, you’re almost always going to be better off working with a certified Mac technician if possible – that way you can be sure that the person who is trying to recover your files knows exactly what they’re doing, and how best to work with your technology.  
    To understand why this is, consider some of the things that go into becoming a certified Mac technician:
  • Detailed, Mac-specific training straight from the company
  • Ongoing education and certification to stay up to date with the latest products and operating systems
  • Experience working specifically on Macs and getting to know what kind of challenges they present
  • Confidence and familiarity with a variety of Apple products and how they work together
    Think about it this way: Would you rather have a regular mechanic work on your car, or one that was specifically trained for your make and model? It’s the same with your Apple computer. Don’t trust data recovery to the first shop you come across – call TTR to get the best chance of getting your files and information back.
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