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What You Need to Know About Encrypted Data Recovery

In this day and age, keeping information safe and secure is a bigger concern than ever before. That’s especially true when company secrets, sensitive information, or financial data are on the line. For that reason, more and more organizations are choosing to encrypt data on company workstations and hard drives. But what happens when those drives fail… can you still get back the information you need? Generally speaking, the answer is “yes.” But, there are a couple of things you should know about encrypted data recovery: First, encrypted data recovery requires specialized equipment and knowledge. Working through sophisticated encryption schemes to recover lost data isn’t a job for someone who is new to the business. In fact, it takes a lot of specialized tooling, software, and expertise – things that the TTR team has that many of our competitors don’t. Second, the continued security of your information is important. There is a reason you decided to encrypt your drives in the first place. So, it only makes sense to work with a data recovery service that has the proper safeguards in place to ensure that your files don’t end up somewhere they shouldn’t. Talk to us about our on-site security procedures to learn more. When you need a data recovery service to work affordably and reliably on the toughest projects – and to keep your files secure in the process – do what so many other high-profile clients have and call TTR first. We’re industry leaders in encrypted data recovery, and can help you get the files you need.