Does Your Data Recovery Service Need to be Local?

As with any multiple hard drive system configuration, RAID 6 arrays allow for speed, redundancy, and fast availability for multiple users. That makes it a good choice for lots of different organizations who want to get the most from their technology while keeping data safe.

Raid Rebuild - TTRDATA
By Linda

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But, like any storage system, RAID 6 arrays can fail or become damaged and corrupted. The loss of a single drive typically won’t be enough to bring a network off-line, but it may slow performance considerably. In the event of physical damage to a facility, however, or a logical problem that spreads from one drive to another, the entire server or system could become inaccessible, at which point Raid 6 data recovery is necessary.


At TTR, we have a team of Raid data recovery specialists who don’t just have the tools and expertise needed to pull data from damaged and inaccessible hard drives, but also an understanding of how these configurations work, and the best ways to prevent corrupted information from spreading further between hard drives in your array. And, because we know you need your files back quickly – and your network back online after a minimum of downtime – our team works as quickly and efficiently as anyone in the business.

If you need a proven data recovery service to help with your Raid 6 drives, call TTR Data Recovery today and get more information.

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