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TTR Data Recovery's unique suite of business-ready services helps companies go from struggle to success. Our experts restore information from personal computers, mobile devices, servers, RAID architectures, embedded systems and all storage media. No matter what drives your operations, we ensure you have the data to stay moving.


Working with TTR Data Recovery ensures you never have to. Our SOC 2 Type ll Security certification grants you unparalleled, industry-approved data-security perks like:

  • Thorough encryption for all returned data
  • Comprehensive background checking of all TTR personnel, including office staff, engineers and technicians
  • Security quality-control processes governed by internationally-vetted ISO 9001 standards
  • Options for secured media-transport services, on-site services or remote services to accommodate your needs

Hard Drive Recovery

The TTR R&D team discovered that Hard Drive Disk, or HDD, failures account for more than two-thirds of data loss incidents.

- We recover everything from legacy drives to modern Solid State Drives, or SSDs.

- We can recover RAID disks, logical volume units, and independent drives with speed and accuracy.

- We'll recover drives containing any kind of file formats written by any form of operating system.


When it comes to enterprise storage, no other data-recovery service is as trusted as TTR. Our longstanding partnerships with leading drive manufacturers and NAS vendors keeps us concurrent with cutting-edge technology. While your custom or shared storage setup may pose a challenge to other providers, our experience shows it won't surpass our capabilities.

Virtual VMware Data Recovery

Your device may be virtualized, but that doesn't make our data-recovery skill any less real. Our portfolio of successful recovery operations includes systems like Oracle VM VirtualBox, VMWare, Citrix Xen Server and Microsoft Hyper-V, to name a few. Even if your system involves complicated RAID configurations or network shares, we can come up with an effective solution that keeps you from having to halt the flow of business.

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