Raid 50 Data Recovery by TTR

Raid 50 Data Recovery by TTR
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If your company uses a server with a series of hard drives in a Raid 50 configuration, you or your IT advisor probably chose the set-up for fast file transfers, maximum redundancy, and improved network performance.

True and False: RAID 1 Data Recovery

With a Raid 1 computer system, two or more hard drives are mirrored together to ensure redundancy from one drive to the next. That can protect you, at least in part, if you have damage to one of the drives you need to boot the system, or to store critical information. Despite what you may…

TTR Can Help With Raid 5 Data Recovery

As a rule of thumb, Raid 5 hard drive configurations tend to be reliable, since there are multiple layers of redundancy and the failure of any single driver unit can often be masked or mitigated as long as the others continue functioning.