ISO 5 class 100

In the medical world, surgeons know that infections passed on in the operating room kill more people than all other illnesses combined. The same could be true in the data recovery industry – dust, contaminants, air moisture, and high temperatures can all warp the surface of a hard drive that’s being repaired. To guard against these kinds of problems, the team of data recovery experts at TTR performs all repairs in an ISO 5 certified Class 100 Cleanroom. While earning that designation involves a number of precise guidelines, it essentially means that we control the climate, temperature, air filtering, and more to ensure that absolutely nothing in our work area can damage your hard drive. It also means that, when you leave your drive with us for repair or recovery, you have the highest possible chance of getting your important files and information back. The TTR data recovery cleanroom is one of only a few currently operating in North America.When you call another hard drive recovery services, the odds are incredibly high that they are not working in the same kind of environment, meaning they are putting your data at greater risk.

  • We adhere to strict government and industry guidelines, maintaining the cleanest and safest possible data recovery environment. Only a handful of data recovery companies have access to the equipment and expertise that TTR does.
  • In addition to space-age materials designed to keep dust out, our facility features industrialgrade HEPA filters that continuously cycle air and use precision measurements to detect contaminants.
  • All TTR technicians are required to work in full-body, non-linting suits and gloves that completely cover them. In addition, entry to our workroom requires engineers to go through a multi-stage antechamber to prevent contamination from outside air and materials.
  • Our facility is also protected by high-end security, and customer hard drives are stored in a secure vault when not being repaired, so you can rest easy knowing that no one can get unauthorized access to your drives or files.

You might not realize it, but your hard drive is designed to work in a very specific, very clean type of environment. By placing it out in the open, or in a workroom that hasn’t been properly cleaned, the wrong company can do further harm to your drives without even noticing. When you’re dealing with a failing hard drive and need data recovery services fast, it can be tempting to contact a local computer repair business, or the service that’s offering the lowest price. But make sure you don’t trust something so valuable to the wrong kind of company – to get the best in service, value, and expertise, call the data recovery experts at TTR first!