Why Cleanliness Matters in Data Recovery

A lot of people tend to think that the data recovery process essentially comes down to dropping off your broken hard drive, letting us run it through some sort of sophisticated machine, and then getting another disk back with all of your data and files intact. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way – there is an incredible amount of time and expertise involved. For that reason, choosing the right data recovery service makes a big difference. And, the type of working environment they have matters more than you might think, too. For example, here at TTR we work in an Clean-Room Data Recovery. While that might sound complicated, it essentially means that we ensure absolutely no dust or contaminants can make it into our working space… or near your hard drive. That’s important for a few different reasons: 1. Even a few small particles can render portions of your disk unreadable. Once the surface of your disk has been exposed, it’s critical that the room be completely clean. Otherwise, particles could attach themselves and warp the surface, making the disk unreadable. 2. Working without a cleanroom can actually do more harm than good. Many computer repair companies work from homes, basements, and small shops that don’t have the proper filters and climate control. As a result, they could ruin your hard drive – and cause you to lose all your data – simply by opening it in the wrong place. 3. Temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors need to be controlled, as well. Although contaminants are major concern, moisture and temperature variations can be harmful to hard disks, as well. That makes climate control a top priority. When you bring a failing Hard Drive Data Recoveryin for service, you should expect that it’s going to be repaired by a team of trained technicians working with the tools that give the highest chance of success. So, when you need your files back, call Data Recovery first!