Trusted By NASA

At TTR, there is no such thing as a too big or too small job – we know that the files we recover for our clients are always incredibly important to their ongoing operations. We do consider it a huge honor, to have NASA as our partner for their data recovery needs.

The fact that some of the brightest minds on the planet turned to us with some of their most important files and projects seems like the ultimate compliment to the data recovery work we do. Below, you’ll find a quick summary of both, and a link to the letter of thanks we got from the team at NASA for each project.

Data Recovery From Space Shuttle RAID Drives

Following a recent mission, NASA engineers attempted to archive data to RAID drives onboard the space shuttle. However, after several attempts and numerous errors, they found that the files – a collection of important scientific observations – weren’t accessible.

Having access to some of the best engineers and technology specialists on the planet, the team immediately started communicating with other departments and research facilities. However, despite several attempts and different methods, they weren’t able to access the information, and engineers worried that the data would be gone forever.

After a thorough search for a data recovery team with the right credentials, they turned to TTR. Being specialists in this area, we were able to diagnose the problem and resolve it quickly. The team at NASA was 100% satisfied, and reported that they were “greatly relieved” to get their data back.

Data Recovery From a NASA Engineer’s Laptop

When NASA engineer Michael Novak discovered that his hard drive had been physically damaged – rendering it unreadable – he wasn’t too worried. As a great planner and someone who is very familiar with technical systems, he had previously backed up his files to an external drive.

However, he soon discovered that his backups were improperly archived and stored, meaning that lots of important information, including months of work, were at risk. Using internal connections, he began searching for someone who could help in other NASA departments at the Goddard Flight Center.

When that search turned up no viable options, he was advised to seek help from the TTR team of data recovery specialists. After receiving what he referred to as a “very reasonable” price quote from our team, he sent over his hard drive and let us get to work. In a matter of days, we were able to recover more than 99% of his data, saving him lots of future work.