Do You Know Where NASA Turns for Data Recovery?

NASA employs some of the brightest people on the planet, working with the very best in computing equipment. Even they aren’t immune to problems with hard drives and data loss, though, which is why they come to TTR for help. The project started when NASA Data Recovery engineers discovered they couldn’t recover archived data from RAID drives on the space shuttle. Despite several attempts – including work with a number of different NASA and research partners – they found that the important scientific information they were looking for couldn’t be located. At that point, they started investigating outside vendors. Naturally, when it comes to data recovery on RAID from the space shuttle, NASA wanted to work with the very best. A quick search and review of credentials and expertise led them to us. We’re happy to report that TTR was able to identify the issue and recover the necessary files quickly and efficiently. We even earned a letter of thanks from NASA that you can see here. There is no greater compliment than having one of the world’s foremost organizations turn to us for help, and we think it’s the natural result of doing great work for our clients all over the world.

So, no matter how big or small your data recovery challenge is, we are always standing by ready to help you access lost files and broken hard drives. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an executive or a rocket scientist, TTR is the industry’s best!