Deleted Data Recovery

For all that technology has improved from one decade to the next, there is still no such thing as a “foolproof” media. In fact, in the data recovery industry, we see constant reminders that people can be the biggest dangers to their computers and stored files. Every day, we talk to men and women who have accidentally deleted important information or even accidentally formatted drives. And, for each person who contacts us, there are undoubtedly hundreds more who go through the same thing every week.

One thing we always try to help them understand is that deleted files are not necessarily gone from your media – even if you have formatted the drive accidentally. That’s because when you remove files and folders from any kind of hard drive, you are actually taking away the “marker” that shows where the information is, not usually the information itself.

So, even if you have permanently deleted files that you needed from a hard drive, the team at TTR can probably help you recover them. You might even be pleased to know that recovery projects from deleted files, and accidental formatting, have some of our highest success rates.

If you have accidentally deleted something from your drive that you need to get back, get in touch with TTR today and let us put our team of experts to work for you.
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