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Signs You Need External Hard Disk Data Recovery

External hard drives are susceptible to many different modes of failure. While some are less severe than others, professional data recovery is the best remedy for most problems. Here are some good indicators that you should give us a call:

    What Step Should You Take Following an External Hard Drive Crash?

    External Hard Drive

    When your external hard drive crashes, your first inclination may be to use a software-based recovery tool. In reality, however, this often makes things worse by increasing corruption or storage errors. Don't run third-party diagnostics or otherwise attempt to correct the issue. To minimize the chances of the problem spreading, simply unmount, physically disconnect and power down the device. If possible, avoid removing the drive from the external enclosure. Your recovery team might need the device in its original state to determine what went wrong. In the event of a mechanical failure, improper removal could cause more damage to connectors and confuse the issue. Next, call a TTR Data Recovery specialist to start your case. Letting us know exactly what happened and what you were doing when the failure occurred can make it much easier to remedy the fault.

    Is Your External Hard Drive Data Loss a Matter of Life and Death?

    In many cases, your external hard drive failure occurs at the worst possible time. When it's vital that you restore your information with minimal delay, there's no better solution than contacting TTR Data Recovery. In addition to being the industry's leading authority on data recovery, we offer a complete suite of solutions specifically targeted towards emergency situations.

    There's No Type of External Hard Drive We Don't Recover.

    Operating Systems Supported

    Operating systems pose no barriers for TTR Data Recovery technicians. Our firsthand experience means we handle each case as effectively as possible.

    There's No Type of External Hard Drive We Don't Recover

    Our teams aren't just experts at restoring hard drives. Our intense training and certification processes ensure TTR Data Recovery staff know how to handle unique installations and systems. This gives us the edge needed to not only recover your data but also preserve the structures and logical schemes that make it worth saving.

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