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Hard Drive Data Recovery From all Types of Failures

Hard Drive Data Recovery From all Types of Failures

42% Logical Failure

Hard drives organize data around various schemes that help them make the most of storage space and avoid errors. If your computer can't recognize the way your drive arranges its data due to recording mistakes, corruption or similar problems, you won't be able to access the information.

40% Mechanical Failure

Hard disk contains an army of components. The failure of any single part due to shock, control problems or other damage could compromise the entire device. In most cases, mechanical failures require complete drive disassembly and data transfer in certified clean-room environments.

11% Deleted Failure

Your data may have been erased due to an operator oversight, or your software may have made the mistake. While not as common as other failure modes, deletion requires just as much forensic skill to recover data.

7% Firmware Failure

Failures caused by firmware errors inside drive controllers can be similar to logical failures, or they can resemble mechanical failures. They're difficult to troubleshoot because the computer may behave inconsistently. Effective solutions depend on advanced diagnostics and intelligent repairs.

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ISO 9001 & SOC 2 Secure HDD Data Recovery

Hard Disk Data recovery demands trustworthy, secure methodologies. TTR maintains ISO 9001 certified quality management systems that ensure we continually meet SOC type II security protocols. No matter how irretrievable your data seems, you can rely on us to restore it safely and help your organization stay compliant in the process.

Looking for Emergency Hard Drive Recovery?

Every second you waste waiting for your hard disk recovery is another instant you spend blind to the insights your data might reveal. TTR Data Recovery gets you back in the know as soon as possible by delivering diagnostic reports within a few hours and same-day data retrieval. It's blindingly fast and amazingly simple.

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TTR Data Recovery supports and partners with all hard drive brands

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Our firsthand experience means we handle each case as effectively as possible.

Understanding Hard Drives

Hard drives are also known as hard disks because the platters they employ are disc-shaped. Each platter is coated in a special thin film of magnetic material whose field can be flipped when an external magnetic field is applied. This film is further divided into separate segments that each store a single bit of data. This is similar to what happens when you bring a magnet near a piece of iron. The iron will pick up a slight magnetic orientation as its field is realigned by the magnet's field. In the case of a hard disk, the read-write head mounted on the moving read-write arm applies the field to write a bit. It can also read the orientation of a previously-written bit's field to retrieve data.How does a swiveling arm reach all the areas on a round disc to fill it with information? The platters spin in place at high speeds that are well upwards of 4,500 rotations per minute. This permits the arm's read and write heads to access different parts of the platter and perform operations extremely rapidly.

What Are The Parts in a Hard Drive?

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