Are you dealing with a hard drive head failure?

One thing that sometimes surprises new TTR clients is that there aren’t just a couple of ways for hard drives to fail. In fact, there are literally dozens. One of the worst is referred to as a “head failure,” also known as a “head crash.” As with any kind of hard drive problem, there are several potential causes, but these tend to result from physical damage to the drive itself (in other words, the situation where a computer is dropped, for example), which leads the head of the drive to come into contact with the rotating disk area. Head failure cases can be difficult to deal with, but there are two important things to reme csaq1 First, you should never attempt to use any broken Hard Drive Data Recoveryand especially not one with the suspected head crash. That’s because, with the disk physically contacting the head, any spinning – like that of a computer starting up – can quickly cause irreversible damage to remaining files and information. And secondly, both full and partial data recovery is possible after a head failure. Although some computer repair stores will tell you that a head crash hard disk is gone forever, the reality is that a trained team using the right equipment can often get the data back. Do you need help with a head failure hard drive recovery project? Get in touch with TTR today, and let us show you we can do.