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Approved By Those Who Know

No other data recovery company is as trusted by the people who created your server, NAS, RAID or hard drive as we are.

At TTR Data Recovery, we've worked long and hard to devise and refine our methodology. Many of our techniques originate in industry-leading standards and accreditation frameworks, like IACRB qualifications. What really sets us apart, however, is that we've incorporated direct feedback from device manufacturers.

Who Puts Their Faith in TTR Data Recovery?

In addition to working for companies that use their own proprietary hardware, like AT&T and Sprint, our staff and methods are trusted by major media manufacturers around the world. We're approved to service SSDs, HDDs, PCs, digital cameras, flash memory and other components created by:

Who Puts Their Faith in TTR Data Recovery?

Not every drive or media system relies on the same tech. Two devices with nearly-identical operating specs may differ greatly in terms of their key components. These variations seem minor to the untrained eye, but experts know they can make or break a recovery operation.

Work with People The Manufacturers Trust