Why hard drive data recovery isn’t a do it yourself job

Could DIY data recovery hold the solution? The answer is usually a thunderous “no.”
Hard disk technology may be designed to be accessible to casual users, but such consumer-ready convenience only goes so far. Here are just some of the reasons why working with the professionals is the only smart option.

What Comes Next After Solid State Drives?

No matter how uninterested you are in the technical nuances...

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Does Your Data Recovery Service Need to be Local?

No matter how uninterested you are in the technical nuances of digital storage media, it’s hard to deny the appeal of knowing what lies ahead. Although magnetic hard drives were the cream of the crop for decades, their time eventually passed. Now, their flash memory successors appear to be on the road to a similar fate.

Get the Most From Your Tape Backup

3 Ways TTR Can Help Get the Most From Your Tape Backup System

Tape drive backup systems are very popular with many kinds of companies, since they are convenient, inexpensive, and simple to operate. Not every data recovery service can work with a tape drive, though, and even fewer can effectively pull data from one that has been damaged. What’s more, only companies like TTR deal with all major tape backup brands, like Sony, StorageTek, and Exabyte and much more.


In fact, you might not even be aware of all the ways we can help you get the most from your tape backup system. Here are three of the most important things we can do, as a leading data recovery provider:

1. Help you recover or salvage files from a damaged tape drive. When you can no longer access your tape drives, and need access to the info quickly, TTR should be your only call.

2. Image and transfer data from tape drives to another format. Whether you need to recover data or just move it, we can help you transfer from one storage format to another.

3. Assess and catalog the information stored on unmarked tapes. It isn’t unusual for our clients to have lots of unmarked, uncataloged tapes lying around. Let us help you catalog and access the data for future storage and use.


“The information kept on your company tape drive is only valuable and reliable if you can access it when you need to. That’s why so many owners and executives turn to TTR when they need to recover important information – our team has the skills, experience, and equipment needed to get the job done.”

4 Steps to Take When a Hard Drive Fails

Dealing with a failed or damaged hard drive can cause an enormous amount of stress, and even cause problems with your company and/or career. Problems with technology, however, are a part of life. Manufacturing defects, electrical surges, user error, and even malicious software can all cause your hardware to stop working.

So, what do you do when a hard drive does fail? Here are four steps to take right away:

1. Breathe. Your immediate reaction might be to feel stressed out or wonder what you’re going to do. So, before you take the first step to deal with your failed hard drive, take a moment to relax, breathe, and think about the problem clearly. It’s just a technology issue, and one that can probably be solved.

2. Stop using the computer immediately. One of the most common mistakes people make is to attempt to access a damaged hard drive again and again, or to restart a computer several times. In each case, this causes the drive to continue spinning, and can worsen the damage.

3. Make a list of your most important files and data. These should represent the top priority for your data recovery team or specialist, in the event that they aren’t able to give you everything that was on your computer before.

4. Call us for information or an estimate. Unlike a lot of businesses that advertise data recovery, we actually have trained specialists who can analyze your drive and recover as much information as possible – quickly and affordably.

Dealing with a damaged hard drive can be somewhere between a mild inconvenience and a small disaster. Call us first, and we’ll help you to recover the data you need and be back up-and-running as soon as possible!

Better Business Bureau Accredited Data Recovery

Your Better Business Bureau Accredited Data Recovery Service

In the data recovery industry, we feel that having the right reputation is just as important as having the right pricing, or the correct technical certifications. That’s because there are a lot of businesses offering computer repair that either can’t or won’t do what they say they will – and that can spell trouble when you’re looking for someone who can help you in an emergency.

At TTR, we have always made customer satisfaction and premium service a cornerstone of our business. That’s why we are proud to have a stellar reputation, complete with Better Business Bureau accreditation for our company. When you call us, you don’t have to worry that we aren’t who we say we are, or that we don’t have your best interests at heart.

What Does it Mean to Work With a BBB Accredited Data Recovery Company?

In short, it means that our company has met the BBB standards for offering good service and fair pricing to the public, and that we are willing to go the extra mile to deal with any complaints and issues that a buyer might have.

Although those are just the basic guidelines, they really speak to our bigger focus and mission, which is to provide the very best in data recovery services, throughout the country, utilizing the very best in technology, skills, expertise, and client satisfaction. In other words, we don’t just want to be the best when it comes to repairing hard drives and recovering files, but the leader in customer satisfaction.

Call us Today and See For Yourself How Committed we are to Customer Service

At TTR, we are proud of our track record and think that our reputation speaks for itself. In fact, we think that the great things that our current and previous customers say about us are the most effective marketing we can hope for. So, to find out more about our service – or to see how TTR can help you recover data from your broken or damaged hard drive – call or email us today to get more information.

Emergency Laptop Data Recovery

Losing access to data on a laptop hard drive can be especially stressful, given that most laptop computers hold a mixture of both business and personal information. In fact, many business people aren’t just lost without their laptop computers, but don’t have the data they need stored or backed up anywhere else.

That means, when it comes to emergency laptop data recovery services, they need a vendor that’s fast, proven, and efficient. It’s no surprise that so many turn to TTR – we’ve shown time and time again that we are amongst the most successful and dependable in the industry when it comes to pulling information from damaged laptop hard drives.

What Makes Us Different From Other Emergency Laptop Data Recovery Companies?

If you notice that your laptop’s hard drive seems to be failing (typical symptoms are very slow performance, error screens and crashes, and strange noises coming from the computer), you want a team of trained experts working on getting your data back. At TTR, we have one of the nation’s top laptop data recovery labs, featuring:

Trained experts who can work on any make or model. It doesn’t matter who made your laptop, or what type of operating system you use – our team of experts can help get back the files you need.

Experience with a variety of hard drive types. We work with all laptop hard drives, including solid-state drives. That means it doesn’t matter what your drive is made of, or if another data recovery company told you they couldn’t help. We can.

TTR has a reputation for fast, dependable service. Not only do we get your laptop back to you quickly, but our success rate is amongst the highest in the industry. We even fix encrypted laptop hard drives, and those that have been severely damaged.

We take your privacy and security very seriously. TTR uses advanced on-site file transfer security protocols to ensure that your personal and professional information is never at risk. When you send your drive to us, you can feel secure knowing that no unauthorized persons are going to see it.

We can fix the laptop hard drives that many of our competitors can’t. All you have to do is contact us for a free quote or to get more information.

When you need emergency laptop data recovery that you can count on, skip your local computer repair shop and go straight to the experts – call or email the team of data recovery specialists at TTR right now to find out more.

Encrypted Data Recovery

What You Need to Know About Encrypted Data Recovery

In this day and age, keeping information safe and secure is a bigger concern than ever before. That’s especially true when company secrets, sensitive information, or financial data are on the line. For that reason, more and more organizations are choosing to encrypt data on company workstations and hard drives.

But what happens when those drives fail… can you still get back the information you need?

Generally speaking, the answer is “yes.” But, there are a couple of things you should know about encrypted data recovery:

First, encrypted data recovery requires specialized equipment and knowledge. Working through sophisticated encryption schemes to recover lost data isn’t a job for someone who is new to the business. In fact, it takes a lot of specialized tooling, software, and expertise – things that the TTR team has that many of our competitors don’t.

Second, the continued security of your information is important. There is a reason you decided to encrypt your drives in the first place. So, it only makes sense to work with a data recovery service that has the proper safeguards in place to ensure that your files don’t end up somewhere they shouldn’t. Talk to us about our on-site security procedures to learn more.

When you need a data recovery service to work affordably and reliably on the toughest projects – and to keep your files secure in the process – do what so many other high-profile clients have and call TTR first. We’re industry leaders in encrypted data recovery, and can help you get the files you need.

Emergency Data Recovery for Solid-State Drive

Is Emergency Data Recovery Different When You Have a Solid-State Drive?

While solid-state drives (SSDs for short) were a new, exciting, and somewhat expensive addition to computers and tablets just a few years ago, now almost all new devices include them. Computer buyers and manufacturers alike love them because they are faster, smaller, quieter, and generally more durable than traditional hard drives are.

But, as with any technology when it goes mainstream, a small percentage of solid-state drives are eventually going to fail or need maintenance. In fact, we are already seeing requests for emergency data recovery on SSDs.

One question customers sometimes have is: Is data recovery different with solid-state drives? The short answer is “yes,” and here are a few things you should know:

Solid-state drives are more durable, but not invincible. SSDs are often marketed as being more durable than traditional hard drives, which they are. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t be damaged by drops, bumps, manufacturer defects, and dozens of other causes.

You definitely want to work with a vendor that’s familiar with solid-state technology. Although using solid-state drives might not be much different for you, repairing them can be. Make sure to choose a data recovery provider that understands solid-state technology.

Traditional emergency data recovery details are still important. As with any data recovery project, you want to ensure that the business you are working with has a reputation for speed, service, confidentiality, and getting the right results.

When you need emergency data recovery on a solid-state drive, turn to the industry’s best and call TTR for immediate service and answers.

What to Do When a Hard Drive Fails?

If a company computer or home office computer begins to malfunction as a result of a hard drive failure, it can seem like the end of the world.

Hard drive failure can result in glitches, corrupted or lost files, operating system freeze-ups and overall system shutdown. Installed programs can be lost as well. The most devastating part is the loss of irreplaceable files and other important data.

Types of Disasters that Cause Hard Drive Failure

Hard drive corruption can occur as a result of numerous unfortunate events. The hard drive itself may experience mechanical failures due to a breakage or misalignment of its physical parts. This can happen when the computer is jarred by an impact or fall or from regular wear and tear from continuous usage.

It may also fail because of a mistake on the part of the system or user. This includes actions such as an accidental reformatting of the drive, unintended overwriting of needed files, or mistakenly deleted files and partitions.

Disasters on the premises where the computer is stored can also be the reason a hard drive may fail. For instance, in the event that a fire takes place, a computer’s hard disk may experience fire or water damage. Power surges during a lightning storm or other issue within the building’s wiring and electrical systems can also result in an impairment of the hard drive within a computer.

Contacting a Hard Drive Recovery Service Provider

When a hard drive fails, your first thought may be that you are in a helpless, hopeless predicament. You may think that you will be forced to simply start over and resign to the idea that all of your data on the disk has been permanently lost. That is quite often not the case! The majority of your information is most likely still there, but just cannot be accessed via conventional means.

Did you know that a failed hard drive may actually be able to be recovered, even if the computer cannot so much as boot up? Special techniques can be used by data recovery service providers to restore most or all of the data files that may have been damaged or lost as a result of your hard drive failure.

Hard drive recovery specialists may be able to tap into the data that is left over within the undamaged areas of the hard drive, and they may even be able to repair some or all parts of the disk that are damaged (mechanically and within the software).