TTR Can Help With Raid 5 Data Recovery

As a rule of thumb, Raid 5 hard drive configurations tend to be reliable, since there are multiple layers of redundancy and the failure of any single driver unit can often be masked or mitigated as long as the others continue functioning. However, Raid 5 data recovery is still necessary in instances where several drives have become damaged or corrupted, or when one of the drives from the original array is missing.

Because Raid 5 setups are common on servers and other business-class computers, the information that they contain tends to be high-value and time-sensitive. That means that Raid 5 data recovery is usually an important priority for the company seeking the right provider.

With that in mind, here are a few things to keep in mind as you talk to vendors and get proposals:

1. Data loss can actually be spread from one hard drive to another in a Raid 5 configuration because information is shared and copied from one disk to the next.

2. The more Raid drives from the original array that you have to work with, the greater your chances of a complete data recovery.

3. Raid 5 data recovery has a high success rate because of the inherent redundancy, even in situations where the hard drives have suffered physical damage.

If you need data recovery of any kind from the industry leader, reach out to the team at TTR and let us show you how we can help.