TTR did a wonderful job. The very important data that could not be recovered was tampered with someone in our IT dept. thought he was helping he reimaged the c drive. TTR will stay in my contacts.
Very quick recovery, very efficient, reasonable price. Most of my data recovered. Thank you.
Maximilie Novak
I dropped my external hard drive and it would not operate. TTR was able to recover all of my data from the damaged drive.
Deborah Watkins, Watkins Consulting
Our NAS was unresponsive and we discovered that several drives were corrupted. TTR was very helpful in diagnosing and recovering the RAID array.
Kelley Frankovitch, Kingsley Associates
Keep up the terrific customer service; that's what made the difference for me.
Joe Latorre
TTR did a fantastic job and recovered all our personal files. Kudos to their efficient and professional manner how the job was completed on a timely fashion and to our satisfaction. Would recommend them to all our colleagues and friends.
Ananth Krishnan