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We can accomplish the toughest data recovery tasks. Our Schaumburg team extracts information from devices like:

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Nothing beats established data recovery experience, and our expertise makes all the difference to Schaumburg clients.

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Certified Hard Drive Data Recovery in Schaumburg

Our Schaumburg data recovery facilities can get your hard drive information back faster. Even if your hardware seems damaged beyond all hope, we’ll restore it to its former usefulness. Visit us at the Chatham Centre building off of I-90’s Roselle Road exit. We’re experts at restoring SSD and HDD data rapidly and accurately, so make an appointment now.

Approved by all HDD and SDD Brands
Support all hard drive failures
Emergency Hard Drive Data Recovery
ISO 5 Class Cleanroom Hard Disk Recovery

RAID/Server Data Recovery in Schaumburg, IL

Think you’re a RAID expert? Trying to deal with a data loss is almost certain to challenge your preconceptions. TTR in Schaumburg has the facilities, expertise and manufacturer support required to complete a NAS or RAID data recovery that won’t put your organizational viability on the line. Book your media pickup now, or make an appointment.

All Types of Raid Systems
Support all NAS Server Drives
SOC Secure RAID Recovery
Emergency RAID Data Recovery

What does your data loss mean for your future? Whether you’re a company or an individual, TTR’s Schaumburg recovery team can minimize the fallout

Small Business

Find Easier Emergency Data Recovery in Schaumburg

It’s impossible to plan for every contingency, but you should definitely have a functional data emergency game plan. Visit TTR Data Recovery in Schaumburg to work with experts who understand how to tackle any loss problem. From flame-scarred SSDs to improperly configured RAIDs, our transparent, manufacturer-agnostic process delivers recovery success time after time.

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The Schaumburg Data Recovery specialists of TTR Data Recovery are proud to offer comprehensive recovery services to the Schaumburg, Illinois area. Our Schaumburg Data Recovery team is dedicated to helping customers recover data that has been lost due to hard drive crashes and computer malfunction. We are located in Northwest Schaumburg at the Roselle Road exit off I-90 in the modern and newly renovated Chatham Centre building.