Delivery Service Options

OFFICE Drop off
SHipping your media

Office Drop Off

With more than 18 secure physical locations to choose from, you can rest assured that your devices will always make it into the right hands.

You don't even have to schedule an appointment before a drop off. Simply bring us your drives, enclosures or other media in person to maintain positive control over your data and ensure that our experienced staff become personally acquainted with your case.

Shipping Your Media

Sometimes handing over your media in person just isn't convenient. Rely on our established partnerships with trusted shippers to facilitate a smooth transition.

Just start your case online to tell us what kind of media you'll be sending and any special handling precautions you'd like us to observe. We'll provide you with as many prepaid labels as you require to ship securely via UPS or FedEx.

Same Day Pick Up

Shipping or dropping off your media may be impractical, but that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of proven TTR Data Recovery solutions.

Our expert driving teams are always prepared to come collect your media personally. No matter which of the contiguous 48 states you're located in, we'll make the trip on your behalf. Our safe handling and risk minimization expertise optimizes your chances of successful recovery outcomes.