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Can my data even be recovered? With TTR, it can.





We’re not only dedicated to recovering your information. We’re also committed to pushing our industry forward with new innovations and methodologies that evolve as rapidly as storage technology does. Over the years, we’ve built relationships with top manufacturers and hardware suppliers to ensure our techniques remain grounded in the best possible restoration practices. Although it’s impossible to know for certain what tomorrow might bring, our experience and support systems let you face challenges confidently

Our Skills Are Unrivaled. Our Process Is Simple

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Our Skills Are Unrivaled. Our Process Is Simple

Send Media Process

Drop off at an office location nearest you, or request a prepaid
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Our Skills Are Unrivaled. Our Process Is Simple

Free Diagnostic Process

Receive your free Diagnostic Report in 1-2 business days, or select
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Our Skills Are Unrivaled. Our Process Is Simple

Data Recovery Process

Top of the line data recovery tools and Proprietary techniques will
be utilized in and outside of our ISO 5 certified class 100 cleanroom

Our Skills Are Unrivaled. Our Process Is Simple

Verify Data Process

Once the recovery is complete you will be sent a list of recovered
files to view and verify before finalizing the recovery

Our Skills Are Unrivaled. Our Process Is Simple

Return Data Process

Upon receiving approval of the final recovery results, payment
will be processed and the recovered files will be returned

Expert Recovery at Record-Breaking Speed

You haven't got time to sit around and wait for your information to be restored. No matter what kind of schedule constraints or emergency you're working with, we've got a service option made to fit.


Recovery: 10-15 Business Days


Recovery: 4-7 Business Days


Recovery: ASAP

Faster, More Flexible Data Recovery

Few other companies have even dreamed of attempting as many data recoveries as we've completed successfully. No other recovery provider is as conversant with modern storage technology as our technicians are. TTR experts consistently select recovery techniques that increase the chances of success, reduce lead times and minimize your expense.


Remote data recovery


Driving The Data Recovery Industry's Cutting-Edge Practices

We’re more than just pioneers in the field of secure, accurate recovery. We’ve garnered countless accolades for our customer service and rapid turnarounds. Of course, we also bear the certifications and memberships that prove our prowess.

Wondering What Defines Effective Data Recovery?

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