Why Tape Drive Data Recovery Is Different

Tape drive data recovery remains one of our most requested services, largely due to the fact that tapes are still in use in offices throughout North America, and because tape drives are among the more fragile types of storage media around. And, the fact that they are typically held within a business facility, rather than away at a remote location, makes them even more vulnerable to things like fires, floods, earthquakes, and vandalism. As common as tapes might be, though, they require their own brand of expertise when it comes to data recovery. Even though a local IT company might claim to be capable of handling tape drive data recovery, you’re better off working with a team of specialists like the one we have here at TTR. That’s because tape drive data recovery really is different, for a few reasons:
  • First, tape drives generally have more physical space upon which the data is written, meaning that intricate work is needed for full data recovery.
  • The tapes themselves can be fragile, so it’s easy for an untrained technician to actually scratch and damage them further if they are repaired incorrectly.
  • Tape drives come from more than a dozen different manufacturers, and understanding the strengths, weaknesses, and construction of each is important to tape drive data recovery.
When you really want your files back, it’s always a good idea to work with the best data recovery service you can find. Why not call TTR now and see how we can help you?