4 Immediate Steps to Take When a Hard Drive Fails

Dealing with a failed or damaged hard drive can cause an enormous amount of stress, and even cause problems with your company and/or career. Problems with technology, however, are a part of life. Manufacturing defects, electrical surges, user error, and even malicious software can all cause your hardware to stop working. So, what do you do when a hard drive does fail? Here are four steps to take right away: 1. Breathe. Your immediate reaction might be to feel stressed out or wonder what you’re going to do. So, before you take the first step to deal with your failed hard drive, take a moment to relax, breathe, and think about the problem clearly. It’s just a technology issue, and one that can probably be solved. 2. Stop using the computer immediately. One of the most common mistakes people make is to attempt to access a damaged hard drive again and again, or to restart a computer several times. In each case, this causes the drive to continue spinning, and can worsen the damage. 3. Make a list of your most important files and data. These should represent the top priority for your data recovery team or specialist, in the event that they aren’t able to give you everything that was on your computer before. 4. Call us for information or an estimate. Unlike a lot of businesses that advertise data recovery, we actually have trained specialists who can analyze your drive and recover as much information as possible – quickly and affordably. Dealing with a damaged hard drive can be somewhere between a mild inconvenience and a small disaster. Call us first, and we’ll help you to recover the data you need and be back up-and-running as soon as possible!
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