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Data recovery for all types of flash media failure

Our engineers pride themselves on their comprehensive knowledge. We've had countless successes, and regardless why your server failed, we can help. Some of the challenges we've overcome include:

Pioneering Trusted USB & Digital Media Recovery Techniques



      ISO 9001 & SOC 2 Secure Flash Media Recovery

      Your data disaster doesn't have to cripple your organization or tarnish its track record. Stay compliant without missing a beat by counting on TTR Data Recovery's ISO 9001 quality management systems and SOC 2 certifications. Our impeccable governance makes your life infinitely easier.

      Is the Clock Ticking on Your USB or Flash Media Recovery?

      Time is of the essence in a data loss situation. At TTR Data Recovery, we make it easy to stick to your operational schedule as if nothing ever went wrong. Our teams are always ready to guide you through emergency losses, and we don't stop working until we've restored your data to its rightful place. We'll even help you with media shipping and transportation.

      No Media Type is Irrecoverable to TTR Experts

      No Media Type is Irrecoverable to TTR Experts

      Flash memory stores information as electrical states using cells that remember their contents even when the power goes off. This system depends on precisely engineered transistor circuits that perform unique tasks, such as translating logic states to serial data signals your computer can understand via USB ports. These intricate devices employ various circuit designs and operating standards to hold huge volumes of information in small spaces without moving parts. As you might expect, they're susceptible to many kinds of failure.

      With Thousands Of Satisfied Customers, You Can Trust TTR

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